Shakespeare Online

Love Bites is a three-part story based on William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Li worked as the visual designer for Love Bites II in collaboration with director Rene Luiten.
For this piece, the actors who played Romeo and Juliet were in an online chatroom. The mix of the classic romance (the script) and discussions in the virtual chatroom were very exciting.
Responses from the chatroom participants (the non-actors) were also hilarious.
The premiere of Love Bites II took place at Utrecht. It had also been played several times at schools and festivals.


In LoveBites II:

Regie: Rene Luiten

Visual designer: Ka Yee Li

Spel: Stijn de Roos en Linda Tordoir

Grime: Betty de Groot

Productie: Ad van Mierlo

Première Love Bites at February 14th, 2007

Location: festivals and schools