Leesplank (readingboard) ‘2009’




Installation Leesplank (reading board), 2oo9

In response to the economic crisis, she created an art installation to mock the politics for their un professional and childish behavior. While ministers dominate the media, our “crisis vocabulary “ increases each minute. .

This “reading board” installation refers to a well-known Dutch educational tool, used at primary school, called “Leesplankje”. During this audio the Minister spoke the popular “crisis”words such as ‘krediet’, ‘nood’, ‘injectie’ (credit, emergency, injection) loud and clearly.

The av installation was nominated for a prize during the exhibition opening on April 24th 2009 at “Kunstpoort Noord”. She came 3rd .


TitleLeesplank 2oo9 (reading board), 2009
Material and techniqueWood, plastic, sound installation
Object typeAudio Visual Installation
Format60 X 122 cm
SubjectCrisis, Economy, Politics

Audio voices from the Prime Minister, Jan Peter Balkenende and Minister of Finance, Wouter Bos.