Performance Demote Control

Peformance Demote Control part 2, 13 november 2011

Demote Control part 2 on 4th December 2011.

Ka Yee Li and Zhanhong Liao rediscovered their identities: Liao born in China and lived half of her life in the Netherlands. Li born and grown up in the Netherlands. Two different childhoods, but both daily struggling with double identities.

In collaboration with Stichting Kunst Werkt (association Art Works), part of the exhibition China-Reflection, courage and identity.

Title:Demote Control 1 + 2
Date:Part 1 on November 13th 2011 and Part 2 on December 4th 2011
Location:Pand Paulus, Schiedam

Performance by Ka Yee Li, Zhanhong Liao and Zhongnai Han (part 2)

Concept: Ka Yee Li & Zhanhong Liao