Feestpartij met Friedrich Nietzsche

Performance Feestpartij met Friedrich Nietzsche (Birthday party with Friedrich Nietzsche), 2009

Birthday girl Ka Yee invited Friedrich Nietzsche (Henri van Zanten) to celebrate her birthday party at the Laurenskerk (one of Rotterdam’s most known churches). It wasn’t a fun and entertaining party at all… While Ka Yee attempted to seek contact with Nietzsche, the old philosopher was heavily appealing against Christian believes. And only focused on himself ignoring everyone around him. He surprised visitors while arguing Christianity is a disease that weakens the will to live.

Title:Birthday party with Friedrich Nietzsche
Date:June 20th, 2009
Location:Laurenskerk, Rotterdam


Performed by Ka Yee Li and Henri van Zanten

Photographed by Stephan Schmidt

This performance is a part of the event ‘nacht der kerken’ (night of churches)