Photo Studio Schmidt & Li

Stephan Schmidt & Ka Yee Li met at the office and since then their lives were intertwined:

  1. at work
  2. in art
  3. and finally in love

In 2011 they challenged each other to make an artistic commitment through interactive photo-performances. The photo studio of Schmidt & Li was born and the hunt for idolatry was started.

Schmidt (1971) grew up in Arolsen (Germany) and in 1995 cycled across the Dutch border. While attending media art he got infected with a computervirus. Nevertheless he graduated in media art (AKI, Enschede). Hereafter he is stalking shadows in the harbour of Rotterdam.

Li (1979) grew up in Spijkenisse (The Netherlands) in the Chinese Take-away with a snackcorner. During her fashion study at the Willem de Kooning Academy she’s had taken many self-portraits instead of her own designs. After her graduation she decided to continue in fine arts and performances. Her background as fashion designer finally inspired her to use the sewing machine to draw in her portraits.