De Stadsoxygenisten presenteren de voetnoot uit de nacht

Museumnight Rotterdam, 2010

The ‘Stadsoxygenisten’ (City Oxygen generators) fought  the poisonous spirits of the citizens.  They frightened them with fresh air and placed their inferior thoughts aside.

During this performances Li & Wester approached nightcitizens and distributed handkerchiefs written with: a mixture  of current news with words from the past. Visitors were able to write their answers on the spotless white clothing of the stadsoxigenisten

Title:“De Stadsoxygenisten presenteren de voetnoot uit de nacht” (The City Oxygen generators present the footnote from the night)
Date:March, 2010
Location:De maagd van Holland, Rotterdam


In collaboration with Occupyingspace as part of the program ‘Kijk de Maagd in de ogen’.

Performed by Ka Yee Li & Roel Wester

Photo by Stephan Schmidt